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About i24

Telephone Answering Services to Call Management Solutions

“i24 Call Management Solutions was founded forty-six years ago by my grandmother Florence and my parents, Ron and Audrey Blair. It was then called Alert Answering Service Ltd.. That makes me the third generation owner and a very hands-on operator.

i24 has experienced many technological changes in the past 46 years – internal and external. What hasn’t changed is our company culture.

We pride ourselves on our culture founded on the belief that success is a tide that raises all boats.

Today, i24 is the leader in telecommunications technology and customer service. For the 20th year in a row, i24 took home the prestigious AOE – Award of Excellence from the CAM-X conference in Québec city.

Grandmother would be proud.”

Gary Blair
President and Chief Engagement Officer
i24 Call Management Solutions

About i24 Call Management Solutions
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Gary Blair President, Chief Engagement Officer - i24 Call management solutions

At i24, I spend half of each day researching new and innovative solutions that will help our customers boost their bottom line.  Sometimes it’s by improving service and sometimes it’s by reducing expenses – and more often than not, it’s both. The other half of my day is spent mobilizing our team to be their very best so that we can accomplish exactly this.

Gary Blair President, Chief Engagement Officer - i24 Call management solutions
Lynda Caine, VP, Chief Values Officer - i24 Call management solutions

The most challenging part of my role at i24 is balancing the needs of our employees with those of our clients.  There are always demands coming from every direction in a call centre but keeping the right balance means no problem cannot be overcome. Organization is the key and supporting my team in this regard means everyone not only succeeds but thrives.

Michel Leclerc, Director Client Solutions - i24 Call management solutions

What I enjoy the most is the pace and challenge that each day brings.  We serve a wide variety of industries, from small and mid-size to multinationals. Every customer has a specific need that requires a personalized solution.  Finding those solutions and knowing my client is well served makes my day.

Eveline Donaldson Director of First Impressions - i24 Call management solutions

We only have seconds to make a positive first impression.  This philosophy is at the core of our business and what I strive to offer every client in every interaction.  I love being the first in the chain of creative and experienced staff to welcome new and returning clients to i24.

Ray Hiltz Director of Virtual Reality - i24 Call management solutions

As the guy who manages i24’s online presence, I work to bridge the digital and real space.  It’s important that our values and creativity are reflected on our website.  Regardless of how you interact with i24, you are always in touch with a human who cares about your business.

Sabrina Perron Chief Problem Resolver - i24 Call management solutions

What I enjoy most at i24 is the recruiting, training and mentoring of new customer service representatives (CSRs).  Their success is our success since they’re on the front lines engaging our clients, day in and day out.  It takes a village to make a great CSR. The wonderful team supporting me was thrilled to be the recipient of our 20th CAM-X Award of Excellence this past year.

Shabnam Rahimi Chief Script Wizard - i24 Call management solutions

I thrive on challenge and believe there is a solution for every business problem.  My daily goal is to create customized client protocols by pulling together a myriad of disparate details. The result is a cohesive script that works seamlessly for our agents and clients.  Having a client tell me I’ve exceed their expectations is the biggest highlight of any day.

Suzanne Agagnier Script Wizard - i24 Call management solutions

As a Script Wizard at i24, I need to call upon both my experience and that of my team members in order to create my magic every day.  With no shortage of customer needs, I am continually challenged to put these collective skills to the test.  The best part of it is that the more experience I rack up, the more magical my solutions become.

Jeff Rosenstein Sales Ninja - i24 Call management solutions

My greatest reward comes from demonstrating i24’s competitive advantages to a potential customer. Our technical and operations teams constantly push the envelope to develop innovative features and services. This allows me to offer solid improvements to our client’s operation and bottom line.  These “win-win-win” solutions inspires me when I tell our story.

Richard Laplante Sales Ninja - i24 Call management solutions

My greatest satisfaction comes from helping customers find the perfect solution for their needs. Having spent many years of experience in the industry, I often find myself proposing solutions to problems customers didn’t know they had.  Having a customer tell me I’ve helped them improve their business overall is my ultimate kick.

Terry Jones I.T. Information Technolgies Ninjaneer - i24 Call management solutions

The world of IT & telephony is in constant evolution.  This reality means my daily challenge is to help find creative and rock solid technical solutions for our clients, both internal and external.  It also means keeping an eye out for what’s coming down the pipeline for tomorrow’s solutions.  Each time I find the right solution for a client, I know I’ve done my job.

What our clients say

“Thank you so much for your team’s help in getting us rolling. After only 1 day of using your services.  I am impressed with the entire experience. From the very first night, the cheerfulness and way our clients were looked after were outstanding. Great job, team.”

Service Manager
Knight Plumbing Heating & AC

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