Do You Have a Content Attention Deficit

Are people not hearing you through the cacophony of online marketing? We see it all the time. Everyone is shouting, but no one gets heard. Have you seen a political press conference recently? Journalists shout questions in unison until the speaker points to one and often by name. Another example is when readers have had [...]

Empathy, Does Your Business Really Care?

“Empathy” is one of those "touchy, feely" words that makes us uncomfortable. If you're trapped in the 80’s “greed is good” mindset, you'd probably view empathy as a sign of weakness. If you're more “enlightened”, you may think it’s the essence of being human. Some people are hyper-empathetic. They hyperventilate by absorbing the emotional and [...]

Gary’s Quotes of the Month – Inspirational Gems for August

Gary's Quotes of the Month - Inspirational Gems for August We love quotes. We use them to express our feelings in greeting cards, to impress our friends with how smart we are and to hang in the air to denote irony. Image Memes - often containing misquotes - flow in our social streams like leaves on [...]

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