How an i24 Virtual Receptionist Saves You Money and Migraines.

Is a ‘virtual’ receptionist real? Yes, Virginia. Virtual receptionists exist as certainly as that person sitting at your reception desk exists. They abound in welcoming smiles and information that give your customers satisfaction and joy. But, unlike that receptionist that you can see, a virtual receptionist works in a magical place where they don't get distracted [...]

What First Impression do you Make Over the Phone?

What first impression do you make over the phone? People are quick to judge. We don’t even think about it. It’s part of our DNA that goes back to a time when our survival depended on our reflex to “fight or flight”. While our lives are rarely at risk anymore, our time and sanity [...]

Do You Think You Know What a Call Centre Does?

Before working at i24 Call Management Solutions, I imagined a call centre to be endless rows of cubicles of college tuition slaves in headsets. I knew a call centre answered phones for companies. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I also made the common mistake of confusing Call Centres withTelemarketing.   Definition: [...]

What’s Your Email Response Time?

Keeping up with email can seem futile. If left unattended, that pile of ignored email comes back to bite you where it hurts - on your bottom line. One unanswered email could represent one lost client or worse, a problem with a current one. So, do you manage your email or does it manage you? [...]

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