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Ongoing Employee Training gives the best Return on Investment

Ongoing Employee Training gives you the best Return on Investment I remember my first introduction to an employee training program.  It was a few pages stapled to a mimeographed cover: "Welcome to ACME's Company Rules and Policies". I always worked in the service industry where the entry bar was [...]

Why Winning an Industry Award is a Big Deal for Your Company

Why winning an industry award is a big deal. If you worked hard to achieve recognition in your industry by competing for an industry award, there is little satisfaction in coming close. The consolation prize is the lesson learned: failure makes you smarter. Mia Pearson wrote in her Globe [...]

Is Your Fear of Failure Stopping You From Growing?

The only cure for failure is death. If you are a living, salient being, you encounter failure many times. It defines how we define ourselves and see ourselves as part of our circle of friends and coworkers. "Remember that failure is an event, not a person. - Zig Zigler"  [...]

Giving Back to the Community is Sowing Seeds For Your Future

Plant the Seeds of Community Giving to Reap the Best Harvest We’ve all heard that “giving back to the community” is something companies should do. And more companies, big and small, are doing that. There are some who think they already contribute through their business and property taxes. Fortunately, most [...]

Why You Need to Create a Strong Emotional Tie to Your Brand.

What role does empathy and emotion play in marketing?   How often do we hear that we shouldn’t let emotions cloud our decisions?   The truth is, we wouldn’t be able to make a decision without our emotions.   Let’s not confuse “emotion” with what happens at a large [...]

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