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What’s Your Email Response Time?

Keeping up with email can seem futile. If left unattended, that pile of ignored email comes back to bite you where it hurts - on your bottom line. One unanswered email could represent one lost client or worse, a problem with a current one. So, do you manage your email [...]

Do You Have a Content Attention Deficit

Are people not hearing you through the cacophony of online marketing? We see it all the time. Everyone is shouting, but no one gets heard. Have you seen a political press conference recently? Journalists shout questions in unison until the speaker points to one and often by name. Another example [...]

Empathy, Does Your Business Really Care?

“Empathy” is one of those "touchy, feely" words that makes us uncomfortable. If you're trapped in the 80’s “greed is good” mindset, you'd probably view empathy as a sign of weakness. If you're more “enlightened”, you may think it’s the essence of being human. Some people are hyper-empathetic. They hyperventilate [...]

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