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“i24 Call Management Solutions was founded forty-nine years ago by my grandmother Florence and my parents, Ron and Audrey Blair. It was then called Alert Answering Service Ltd.. That makes me the third generation owner and a very hands-on operator.

i24 has experienced many technological changes in the past 49 years – internal and external. What hasn’t changed is our company culture.

We pride ourselves on our culture founded on the belief that success is a tide that raises all boats.

Today, i24 is the leader in telecommunications technology and customer service.

This year we were awarded the prestigious ‘Award of Excellence’ for the 23rd consecutive year by the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X).

Grandmother would be proud.”

Gary Blair
President and Chief Engagement Officer
i24 Call Management Solutions

i24 Community service

It Takes a Community to Raise a Business.

i24 supports many of our community organizations. Yes, it’s good for business, but it’s simply what a good neighbour does. 

Whether it’s donating resources to an organization that supports homeless youth or it’s hanging art in a seniors residence, we live in shared spaces.

We no longer work, hidden behind walls that are surrounded by moats. Social Media has transformed walls into windows.

Our neighbours can now easily see if the “Emperor is indeed wearing clothes.” 

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant,” 

– Robert Lewis Stevenson

i24 Community Service
Gary Blair
President and Chief Engagement Officer

I spend half of each day finding better ways to help our clients with innovative solutions and the other half inspiring our team to constantly raise the bar on service excellence.

Lynda Caine
V.P Chief Values Officer

The needs of our employees and clients are balanced on the fulcrum of our company values. These values: excellence, integrity, respect, fun and passion are reflected in every call we take, every decision we make.

Michel Leclerc
Director of Client Solutions

Every customer has a specific need that requires a personalized solution regardless of the size of their business. Finding those solutions makes my day.

Eveline Donaldson
Director of First Impressions

We only have seconds to make a positive first impression. This philosophy is at the core of our business and what I strive to offer every client in every interaction.

Ray Hiltz
Director of Virtual Reality

It’s important that our values, culture and creativity are reflected on our website. After all, it’s an extension of who we are.

Christian Roy
Quality Ninjaneer

I get a lot of satisfaction in recruiting, training and mentoring our new customer service “WOW Specialists” who then go on to win our industry Award of Excellence year after year.

Suzanne Agagrier
Script Wizard

To perform magic as the resident “Script Wizard”, I call upon my own programming experience and the skills and support of the whole i24 team to turn problems into solutions.

Jeff Rosenstein
Sales Ninja

The most valuable weapon in my ninja arsonal is the i24 story. Our years of award-winning service, our values-based culture and our technological expertise sets us apart and above the competition.

Derek Brookes
Champion of Customer Success

I learned after years in the call management industry, that often people “don’t know what they don’t know ”. Finding a solution to a problem someone didn’t know they had is my ultimate kick.

Terry Jones
IT Ninja

The world of IT & telephony is in constant evolution. Keeping an eye on emerging technologies is crucial to my ability to finding creative solutions for our internal and external clients.

Mia-Kay Michaud
Skills and Values Guru

Given our mission is to be an integral part of your success, my goal is to use the skill sets and character of each “WOW Specialist” to exceed your expectations.

Mindy Haupt
Money Maestro

Like a Maestro who is skilled at conducting and unifying, I achieve great satisfaction from taking pieces of financial data and summarizing them in a way that benefits the i24 and its clients.

Shared Services

Do Employee Recognition Programs Make Your Eyes Roll?

Eugénie Dubois
Quality Queen

My role as Quality Queen is not to reign over but to participate in helping our team of WOW Specialists achieve their goals in a positive and supportive environment.

Holvie Senosier
WOW Conductor 


Chloé Lupien
WOW Conductor


John Damord
WOW Conductor 


Toni Wehbeh
WOW Conductor


Latifa Buckridan
WOW Conductor 

What our clients say

“Thank you so much for your team’s help in getting us rolling. After only 1 day of using your services.  I am impressed with the entire experience. From the very first night, the cheerfulness and way our clients were looked after were outstanding. Great job, team.”

Service Manager
Knight Plumbing Heating & AC

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