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Gary’s Gems for May

Inspirational quotes are popular because we see reflected in the wise words of great minds validation of who we feel we are and motivation for whom we want to become.

Each month Gary Blair, President and owner of i24 Call Management Solutions publishes a newsletter containing his favourite quotes – his ‘gems’. 

Gary's Quotes Gems for May


Welcome May – did you know that no other month of the year either begins or ends on the same day as May!

Maybe that explains why May gave birth to so many ones of a kind… Bob Dylan, Catherine the Great, Sigmund Freud, Calamity Jane, Florence Nightingale and James Brown, to mention a few.           

Here are a few May Gems to help make your upcoming month a wonderfully unique experience!  

And the thought I’d like to leave you with is :

“Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the wise ones of old; seek what they sought.” – Haiku Master Basho