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27 04, 2023

What is an “answer/transfer” service?


An Answer/Transfer service is a scaled-down version of a regular call answering service. An agent answers a client’s call and transfers them to the requested person or department. This service is used during regular office hours to replace an in-house receptionist. It ensures that their customers are answered by a live person rather than [...]

What is an “answer/transfer” service?2023-05-09T11:31:27-04:00
27 04, 2023

What’s the difference between a dedicated and a shared service?


Agents working in a “shared service” model are generalists. They provide services to many clients and can respond to various caller inquiries. On the other hand, in the “dedicated service” model, agents are "dedicated" to answering calls on behalf of one customer. They are trained to provide higher levels of topic specialization that reflect [...]

What’s the difference between a dedicated and a shared service?2023-05-10T15:50:55-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is a call script?


A call script is a call answering agent's tool to manage customer calls. The content and flow of the script are customized based on the information and instructions provided to the call answering service when beginning a partnership with them. The script leads the agent through any number of scenarios that a customer may [...]

What is a call script?2023-05-09T11:33:44-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is a call protocol?


A call answering service protocol refers to the client information, instructions, procedures and etiquette when managing your calls.

What is a call protocol?2024-04-15T10:50:32-04:00
27 04, 2023

What are customized client reports?


Customized reports are generated to provide data based on your specific needs. For example, you can receive a breakdown of your calls by language, gender, age, city, and nature of the call. At i24, once the reports are established, they are emailed to you on a pre-set schedule.

What are customized client reports?2023-05-15T12:24:37-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is an on-duty team lead?


The answering service “Team Lead” oversees a team of call management agents. They support the agents by giving feedback and mentoring. They also ensure the accuracy and quality of inbound calls. They’re always ready to step in and assist with taking calls when necessary and responding to client inquiries and questions. [...]

What is an on-duty team lead?2023-05-09T11:43:24-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is an on-call schedule?


This is the calendar of the client's on-call personnel. This document lets the call management service know who it can reach at any time to route calls and messages. The script is designed to display the name of this person automatically. The client company can set the schedule according to daily, weekly or monthly [...]

What is an on-call schedule?2023-05-10T16:02:11-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is a call message history?


Call message history refers to the dispatch team's actions to deliver a call to the client. This includes call-out attempts, SMS text messages, and email attempts.

What is a call message history?2023-05-09T11:47:20-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is a call dispatcher?


Call dispatchers deliver messages following the instructions you have provided. For example. They could call you directly with a message or send you a text message. Suppose they cannot reach you or the delegated on-call person within a preset delay. In that case, the dispatcher will follow the escalation procedures until the call is [...]

What is a call dispatcher?2023-05-15T12:23:49-04:00
27 04, 2023

What is a call-answering agent?


A Call Answering Agent is a professionally trained customer service representative who answers incoming client calls and manages requests by providing the caller with the desired information.

What is a call-answering agent?2023-05-09T11:55:05-04:00
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