The Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sanctuary Chambly Quebec

Chimpanzees in Canada, you say?

Giving back to our community is a forty-year tradition at i24 Call Management Solutions,

The organizations we support are those that help our most vulnerable.

In the case of Dans La Rue, it’s vulnerable young street people. At ACCM, it’s people living with HIV and young people lacking health education.

At the Fauna Foundation, it’s chimpanzees rescued from Biomedical research.

(from the Fauna website)

The primary objective of Fauna Foundation is to provide a  protected environment for neglected, abused farm and domestic animals and former biomedical research chimpanzees.

We aim, through education, to foster a better understanding of all animals while exploring our ethical responsibility as humans for the well being of all earth’s creatures.

The chimpanzees were retired from biomedical research and were used in the testing of human vaccines. For this reason, they have special needs and require specialized, more expensive care to ensure the health and safety of the chimpanzees and the humans who work with them.

(You can support the Fauna Foundation by donating here.)

In addition Fauna’s mission, we have a deeply felt concern for environmental issues, arising as much from shared and deeply-held beliefs as from the necessity to offer our Sanctuary residents a protected habitat in which they can thrive.

This awareness has led to Fauna’s sanctuary land being designated as a Natural Reserve by the Québec government, under the name Réserve Naturelle du Ruisseau-Robert. Our land management program strives, among other things, to increase local bird populations.


Gary recently received the following card (with calendar) from the Fauna Foundation.

“Dearest Gary and Friends at i24 Call Management Solutions.,

At this time of year, it is a joy to pause and thank you for everything you do.

Thank you for being there all year long.

Thank you for who you are.

Thank you for all you share.

Thank you for your love and for all you share.

When shadows filled our view and we felt the world was falling apart you were there for us. You helped us rediscover our strength and to help stand up to the tests of life.

We are deeply grateful to you and the hope you continue to bring into our lives.

We are grateful for your friendship.

Your love and support make sense of our past, brings us peace for today and helps us create a vision for tomorrow.

You have truly made a difference in the lives of such gentle souls. Those we have lost will remain in our hearts forever, and so will you.”

God bless,

Gloria xo

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In memory of Theo, Toby & Spock.

Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee

“Every once in a very long while you meet someone who changes your life for the better – forever.  

I had the good fortune to meet Gloria Grow, founder of the Fauna Foundation, almost forty years ago now.  

Gloria inspires me every day to live a kinder and more generous life towards all living things and I will be eternally grateful to the universe for bringing her into my world. “ – Gary Blair

We don’t seek validation for giving back to our community. It’s our duty.

It’s rewarding and motivating to know your contribution makes a difference. Hearing that from people you admire for their selflessness is inspirational.