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Télé-Page now i24 Call Management Centre
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i24 Call Management Solutions is the leader in telecommunications technology and customer service.

After decades of being the Montreal leader in paging services, Télé-Page gradually evolved to include more call centre services. Five years ago, we rebranded under the name, Image24. The demand for pagers continued to shrink as the call for telephone answering services and multi-channel management grew exponentially.

Télé-Page was retired last year and our new brand, i24 Call Management Solutions was created to meet all of our client’s communications needs.

Our strength as a bilingual Montreal-based call centre continues to be our around the clock management of your calls. We now offer many more communication services in addition to call management. We also can manage your email web forms and offer email and SMS as an alternative to calls.

We now offer more communication services. One of our most very popular is Remote Worker Monitoring. Knowing where you off-site employees are and if they are safe is of prime importance.

We also can manage your email web forms and offer email and SMS as an alternative to calls.

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“Our company culture is founded on respect for our workers which translates into respect for our clients.

A smile can’t be faked – even over the phone. 

We are invested in our client’s success because success, like an ocean tide, raises all boats

Our commitment to customer service was again validated this past year when i24 took home the prestigious CAM-X  Award of Excellence for the 20th year in a row. “

Gary Blair

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Gary Blair
President and Chief Engagement Officer,
i24 Call Management Solutions

Some of the industries benefiting from our call management solutions

  • Property Management

  • Medical Services

  • Animal Care

  • Building Services

  • Education Centres

  • Energie Resources

  • Financial Services

  • Government
  • Legal Services
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Personal Care
  • Residential Real Estate

  • Telecommunications

Here’s Just a Few of our Services and Features

  • SMS Message Delivery

  • SMS Message Confirmation
  • Database Management
  • Web Access to All Recordings
  • Day & Night-Time Script Protocols
  • Advanced Management Reports
  • Web access to add/change On Calls
  • Web access to call stats and data
  • Online invoices/payment history
  • Perfect Answer
  • No Hold Service
  • Standardized Agent Video Training
  • Wake-Up Service
  • Call Patching
  • English or Bilingual (Eng./Fr.) Service

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CAM-X Award of Excellence

For 20 consecutive years

ATSI Award of Excellence

For 9 consecutive years

Fuller Landau Family Business Awards

For quality of business, multi-generational family involvement, and overall contributions to the community