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24/7 Live Call
Answering Service

Never miss a call again: You need a real person to offer support and answers when customers call. With i24 call management solutions, trained Call-Answer specialists will field your calls around the clock.

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Is An Answering Service
the Right Call for Me?

People are busy and value their time. So should you. Did you ever get frustrated or angry when you called a business and was put on hold or forced to listen to robotic voice rattling off number options?

Here’s How a Live Call Answering Service
Can Make All the Difference

Engage First-time Callers

Research shows that 85% of callers never call back if they can’t speak with a live person on their first call.

Deliver On Customer Service

Almost 90% of consumers stop working with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

Increase Productivity

It’s true. Businesses that use live telephone answering can increase their productivity by more than 50%.

How It Works

Make each call count

With our telephone answering service, an i24 Call-Answering Specialist will answer all your calls.

Progressive billing and 24/7 support

You get high quality, customized assistance and customer support, 24/7 — and you pay only for what you use.

Clear and easy account management

You will have access to call recordings online, on-call schedules; account stats and billing.

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By the Numbers

That’s how many calls our highly trained, in-house and remote live agents answer each day.
That’s how many years we’ve been in the call answering business. We’re a third generation family-owned and operated Canadian enterprise serving all of Canada, sea to sea to sea.
And we are proud of it. Plus, with our seamless integration and scripting protocol, callers believe they have reached your office, not ours.

The Team That Makes It Happen

Here are just some of our i24 Allstars who made winning our 25th consecutive CAM-X Award of Excellence possible. They will guide you through our hassle-free onboarding process from needs-analysis to account set-up, to scripting and training. Your account doesn’t go live – meaning we won’t take your first call until we share a live online demonstration with you.

“I am impressed with the entire experience. From the very first night, the cheerfulness and way our clients were looked after were outstanding. Great job, team.”

“We have had excellent uninterrupted service since the beginning…recommend them without hesitation.”

Anthony Johnson, Montreal SPCA

“i24 has allowed me to spend more time with my clients and less time on the phone. My clients have also had great things to say about their experiences.”

Corey Wolofsky , Physio En Route Inc.

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