Think you’re the client service superstar we’re looking for?


Think you’re the client service superstar we’re looking for?



Here are a few things about us that you should know.

You’ll be working with one of Canada’s most recognised call management service companies. Not that we like to brag, but we recently received our 27th consecutive Award of Excellence from our national Call Management Organization (CAM-X).

We’re strictly an inbound call management company comprising of English and Bilingual divisions. You may be helping a caller get service for their home, reach their building manager, make a doctor’s appointment, get technical support etc.. sometimes all on the same day. If you don’t like boredom, every day is different at i24.

We provide one of the best professional call management training programs in the country, so you will always be well-supported.

You don’t like making phone calls?

We got you covered. We don’t make calls; we answer them. Our agents don’t do outbound solicitation or sales calls. We are an inbound call answering service only.

Sarah McVanel


Positive people produce positive work cultures.

Internal (you) and external clients (our customers) are equal stakeholders in our success.

We’re recognised internationally by the call management industry for the quality of our employee engagement and recognition programs.

Sarah McVanel (International speaker on Employee recognition)“We all deserve to work where we feel we make a difference.

At i24, there is an insatiable thirst to curate the kind of scrumptious work experience where you know you belong, are essential, can grow, and never doubt for a second that you matter.”


We are committed to supporting the community that supports us. We are involved with several organisations, such as

The Art for Healing Foundation, founded by our president and his husband twenty years ago. Their goal is to bring the healing power of art to hospitals and wellness facilities)

Dan la Rue (Youth homelessness),

The Montreal SPCA (Improving the lives of animals),

The Fauna Foundation ( Local Chimpanzee refuge providing exemplary care to chimpanzees in need.), and the

Nature Conservancy of Canada, (largest national land conservation organisation)

Sarah McVanel


Humble – Self-aware and respectful.

Empathetic– Acts with compassion and respect for customers, partners and team members.

Adaptable – Innately curious – a lifelong learner.

Remarkable – Remarkably helpful, remarkably resourceful, remarkably effective. (Effective people do things, are resourceful and have a sense of ownership.)

Transparent – Open and honest with others and with themselves.



• Proficiency in English and French?

• Excellent communication skills?

• A healthy sense of humour?

• A mature work ethic?

Empathy and a passion for helping others?

• A progessive view of change?

• A curious and creative personality?

Flexibility, availability to work weekends?

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The starting base salaries are:

Bilingual (English and French) – $20.44 per hour.

You are available to manage both our English and Francophone client calls.

English only – $17.94 per hour.

You manage our English client’s calls only.


fabulous offer

We offer an extensive selection of benefits once you complete six months and work minimum of twenty-five hours per week.

  • GROUP INSURANCE- including life insurance and long-term disability
  • A COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) – As of your first day with us, you will have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our generous vacation policy recognises your need for a balanced work and personal life.


We are nationally known for our innovative training program.

We use video, case studies and individual coaching to build your expertise and self-confidence.

We call our CMA’s “WOW Specialists” because they are trained to “WOW” our clients and co-workers with their level of service, creativity and generousity.

Graduation Program

I24’s call management agents are highly valued in the industry.

Personality and training are the key factors. We call our agents “WOW Specialists” because that’s what they do. They wow our customers and colleagues with service, creativity and generosity.

Once you have worked 1000 hours and completed our Call Management Agent training, you become one of our i24 graduates.



All our Call Management Agents work from home.

We have agents working from all over Canada – Bona-Vista to Vancouver Island.

To make this possible, there are a number of technical requirements you will need to provide.


· A PC laptop or desktop computer (Apple Macs and Chromebooks are not presently compatible with our IT systems)

· A minimum of 1 monitor screen larger than 17 inches to allow for accessing software options.

· A keyboard and an external mouse

· A High-speed internet connection to an ethernet cable (50mbs and more)

· Up-to-date and active antivirus software

· A stable phone line of your choice (Cellular, Residential, VOIP (ex: Skype)

· A headset with a microphone attachment compatible with your phone line equipment and PC.

· A webcam

· To work from home for i24, you must have a permanent, fixed address with a dedicated, private office with a desk and chair. (This excludes futons and beanbag chairs).

· i24 is trusted to maintain and secure our client’s data, so your work location must not be subject to disruption or traffic, and you may not change it from one location to another.

Note: We will provide you with computer equipment in the weeks following your probation period.

“You are not just an employee at i24 it is more like a big family or team! The support, learning experience and fun make it a great place to work and grow. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for i24!”

~ Sheila

Mélanie Quote

“For me, Gary Blair, our President, is an inspiring leader. His social commitments reflect the values of the i24 company. It makes me proud to work there every day. Thank you.”

~ Mélanie

Job Application Form

Please note that weekend work is required for all team members and can be scheduled as one weekend on, one weekend off, or EITHER Saturday or Sunday of every weekend. So here’s the deal, you can choose to be unavailable for EITHER Saturday or Sunday but not both. Choosing to be unavailable for both Saturdays and Sundays will result in the rejection of your application.