Property Management Call Services

Is money running through your fingers as fast as the water from your tenant or co-owner’s overflowing toilet or broken water heater?

Unanswered calls or delays in dealing with flooding is a property owner’s worst nightmare! Why risk it? One insurance claim for water damage can propel your building insurance into the stratosphere. Our agents are on call 24/7 troubleshooting problems before they become catastrophic.

For example:

  • Our agents prompt the caller to close the water valve, put down towels or use a catcher until i24 contacts the appropriate assistance.
  • Your property investment is protected; exorbitant insurance premium hikes are avoided and, you avoid the hassle and expense of having to make extensive building repairs.

Your HVAC system broke down in the middle of the night and no one noticed.

Depending on the season, an HVAC system breakdown that goes unnoticed can result in frozen pipes or overheated occupants. Delays caused by unanswered calls not only result in expensive repairs, but also in a loss of goodwill and trust with your tenant’s or co-owners.

Our i24 agents are on the job 24/7. They follow the appropriate escalation and mitigate any situation by either contacting you or the necessary parties directly. If your in-house system is capable of sending email alerts, we monitor those as well – often before anyone even knows there is a problem.

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Is managing all your “on-call managers” stretching you to the limit?

It can be a nightmare managing absences, temporary replacements and vacations. I24 has a “Web-On-Call” service which is an online “duty” calendar that you control directly. You can program who’s on call for up to a year in advance.

If you need to make any on-the-fly, last minute changes, you need only to log in and make the change yourself. As soon as you do, our agents will immediately know who to pass the inquiries and/or emergencies to.

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Are you looking for better property management solutions?

i24 doesn’t just answer phones.  At i24, we collect a lot of data. Our goal is to be an integral part of your success. A part of any successful business is the quality of the data it has access to.

We offer you customized reports that will enable you to create business strategies based on real data, not best guesses. i24 already has access to all this information so why not take advantage of it?

These reports will reveal trends such as:

  • The history of properties maintenance calls,
  • Which tenants call for assistance most often, and…
  • The contact data and call history for each property (tenant or co-owner in the case of condos)


By being your de facto CRM, we save you time, frustration and lost revenue by:

  • Tracking caller history and trends
  • Repopulating repeat caller information into your script fields. (saving your clients time and annoyance by not having to repeatedly give the same information with each call.)
  • Billing you less time due to fewer errors and redundancies to process.
  • Tracking specific user issues. (resulting in fewer input mistakes and omissions.)

What our clients say

“We had used several call centres in the 15 years prior to using i24, and I must say – it was like a breath of fresh air. Most call centres we used had pre-set templates and pricing, but i24 was willing to work with us and customized a solution for our property management business.

We are a small growing company and in addition to “traditional” call centre requirements, we wanted to have them take over our on-call emergency maintenance.

With some tough custom programming and training, they were able to achieve what no other call centre was able…and now we don’t have an On-call Technician sleeping through their calls. Image24 answers instead! Not to say we don’t have small challenges, but we are very happy with the way they respond and correct any errors their agents might have. We have a very difficult portfolio and they even went as far to create custom training videos on our account for their staff.

I would highly recommend them.”

Garrett Wong
Garamark Property Management Inc.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • SMS Message Delivery

  • SMS Message Confirmation

  • Database Management

  • Web access to all Recordings

  • Daytime & Night time Script Protocols

  • Advanced Management Reports

  • Web access to add/change On Calls

  • Web access to account call stats and data

  • Web access to invoices/payment history

  • Perfect Answer

  • No Hold Service

  • Standardized Agent Video Training

  • Wake-up Service

  • Call Patching

  • English or Bilingual (English/French) Service

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