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Email Management Services

Are you seeing all of your Web and Contact Forms?

After hours/weekend web inquiries
Urgent service requests
Alarm email notification

Are you managing your email or does it manage you? Left unattended, that pile of ignored emails comes back to bite you where it hurts – on your bottom line.

The internet doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. Direct your website contact forms and customer emails to us. You decide when to transfer inquiries over to us – days, nights, 24/7.

Call Management

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Email Management

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Quality Caller Experience

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Progressive Billing

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What our clients say

“Your team’s Email Management service has been very helpful to ensure new claim assignments are received by our on-call emergency staff. There have been a few occasions where our internal email server failed, but thanks to your service, we were still able to receive the notifications required to service our clients. Thank you for your efforts and continued support.”

Derek D’Agostino
General Manager
First General Services (Sudbury) Inc.

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • SMS Message Delivery

  • SMS Message Confirmation

  • Database Management

  • Web access to all Recordings

  • Daytime & Night time Script Protocols

  • Advanced Management Reports

  • Web access to add/change On Calls

  • Web access to account call stats and data

  • Web access to invoices/payment history

  • Perfect Answer

  • No Hold Service

  • Standardized Agent Video Training

  • Wake-up Service

  • Call Patching

  • English or Bilingual (English/French) Service

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