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We want to make sure that you respond quickly when your customers reach out to you. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, a SMS text, or a social media message, everyone deserves and expects a rapid response. The more time they wait for an answer, the more time they have to scroll through Google Search results to find a competitor who will answer quickly.

Direct your website contact forms and/or emergency and alarm emails to us. We’ll process and distribute them according to your directions.

Some notification scenarios that we regularly manage emails for are, HVAC systems, insurance claims and follow-up requests.

Why is rapid email response integral to your success?

By ensuring that your business correspondence is handled promptly, you show that you “walk the talk” when it comes to customer service. Feeling you’re being listened to is essential for building trust and loyalty.

Ignoring or delaying your response not only cost you lost opportunities but lost customers as well.

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What our clients say

“Your team’s Email Management service has been very helpful to ensure new claim assignments are received by our on-call emergency staff. There have been a few occasions where our internal email server failed, but thanks to your service, we were still able to receive the notifications required to service our clients.

Thank you for your efforts and continued support .”

Derek D’Agostino
General Manager
First General Services (Sudbury) Inc.

Whether you’re new or established, have one local office or multinational offices, our commitment to quality service is the same.

Whether you need property management call answering services or someone to monitor your after-hours calls and email web inquiries, i24 has the technology and professional talent to allow you to run your business instead of running for the phone.