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Gary Blair and Grandmother Florence

“i24 Call Management Solutions was founded over 50 years ago by my grandmother Florence and my parents, Ron and Audrey Blair. That makes me the third-generation owner. We have lived through many changes in the past 50 plus years. Our attention to providing a positive work culture and a service that we all can be proud of has not changed. Grandmother would be proud.”

Gary Blair
President and Chief Engagement Officer


We’re a call answering service. It’s our core function and passion.

And, we not only answer them, but we also manage them by taking a message, answering a question or providing the caller with the right contact for the right solution. Then we relay that information in whatever way you wish – phone message, email or SMS text.

We provide call answering services for companies of all sizes from corner stores to corner offices. We’ve been doing this for over a half-century.

Regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. Whether it’s a workday or a holiday, i24 answer your calls and makes sure you get the message.

i24 didn’t become the trusted call answering service and recipient of multiple industry Awards of Excellence by being complacent.

The only constant is “change”. Whether that change is planned or a result of internal or external disruptions, we have always evolved to become a stronger company with perseverance, adaptability, and creativity. The COVID pandemic exemplifies this.

What doesn’t kill us does make us stronger. We have rolled with the punches for over a half-century. Each time we are dealt a blow, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, then we start all over again.

27 National Industry Awards of Excellence
Canadian Call Management Association – CAM-X

17 International Awards of Excellence
Association of Teleservices International, Inc. – ATSI

No company
is an island

i24 supports many of our community organizations.

It’s what a good neighbour does.

Whether it’s donating resources to an organization that supports homeless youth or it’s hanging art in a healthcare facility to brighten spirits, we get from a community what we contribute to it.

Internationally recognized by the Call Answering Services Industry for excellence.