i24 Brings Home its 27th Award Of Excellence!

i24 Call Management Solutions returned from our Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) conference in Calgary, proudly carrying our 27th  Cam-X Award of Excellence (AOE).

Winning an Award of Excellence validates all our work and our client’s decision to choose us from our competitors. Oh, and it feeds our egos and gives us bragging rights.

Industry awards can distinguish your company from your competitors by validating the quality of your service.  It raises general brand awareness, and it also looks pretty nice on your trophy shelf.

We were honoured to have accepted this award at the 59th Call Management Association (CAM-X) conference recently held in Calgary, AB. Our team also scored! We are the first member company to have won the Award of Excellence and bring home two other awards on behalf of our team.

The first awardee, Sabrina Perron, our “Lady of Perpetual Disruption,” was awarded the prestigious Barbara Bradbury Mentoring – Pay it Forward Award, recognizing people who make the world a better place. Sabrina fits that description. She shines a light on others, helping them to see their strengths, picking them up when they falter, and encouraging them to find their inner greatness. She teaches by asking questions, and as a sounding board, she peels away layers of uncertainty to reveal a newfound level of confidence. By listening, she allows others to hear what’s in their hearts.

Through coaching and her own example, she challenges others to alter their way of thinking and how they interact with the world around them – inspiring them to grow as people and reach their personal and professional goals. In other words – a mentor

Sabrina & Mia awards CAM-X 2023

Positive Company Culture Plays a Significant Role in Winning Recognition Awards

It takes a lot of teamwork not only to meet but also to exceed the criteria of the CAM-X Award of Excellence. The award itself is not the company’s goal; customer service is. The award is our validation. By targeting the quality of service we give clients, we will keep and get more clients.

Winning an award for living up to our company mission is a bonus. Mind you, winning an Award of Excellence is no small feat. CAM-X contracts independent judges who evaluate message services over a six-month period. The scoring criteria include Response Time, Courteousness of the call agent, Accuracy of the Call, Knowledge of the Account and Overall Impression of the Call.

Call Answering Serive Award of Excellence

Working for a common goal is a process that demands teamwork, communication and focus. When everyone works together, everyone matters. This is the foundation for a healthy company culture. At i24, we work to provide our clients and our employees with the best experience possible. As Gary Blair, our President and Chief Engagement Officer, says, “An award is the cherry, is the cake.”