i24 Wins 12th Consecutive ATSI Award of Excellence

i24 Call Management Solutions has been honoured with the exclusive ATSI  2019 Award of Excellence for the 12th year.

This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s Trade Association for providers of telecommunications and call centre services across North America and the UK.

Why winning this Award of Excellence is a big deal.

Apart from the obvious bragging rights and validation, winning a prestigious industry award sends a signal to our stakeholders that we value quality and are willing to work hard to deliver it.

Trust is the bedrock of customer loyalty and employee morale.

“From the impact on culture to new business leads, awards are more than just a piece of hardware. They are an important part of growing, improving, and staying at the forefront of your industry. Award contests can be a great source of credibility to partners, clients and investors. They can also be a big motivator internally, making staff proud to go be part of the business.Mia Pearson

It’s impossible to win any award of excellence without the presence of a healthy company culture.  The byproduct of that culture is TRUST.

 “Having been in the industry for 49 years, I can attest to the fact that the award programs initiated by CAM-X and ATSI have raised the industry’s status, standards and reputation. We are proud to win our 12th ATSI Award of Excellence as it reflects our team’s commitment to providing the best service possible to our clients.”  – Gary Blair

Why was i24 signaled out for this award?

To have a successful team you need to have a healthy culture. i24 has, over its forty-nine years, focused on creating a positive and diverse work environment. One example is our WOW Project where we celebrate employees who consistently strive to improve and embody our company values of excellence, integrity, respect passion, and fun.

The road to attaining an ATSI award of excellence is exacting. It’s based on the “mystery caller” method. With this method, each ATSI  member, including us, is called by people acting as clients with various needs.

We’re then evaluated by an independent panel of judges over a 6-month period. The criteria is very strict and is guided by the principle that callers believe they (or their problems), are the most important consideration to us.

Lynda Blair accepts ATSI Award of Excellence

We’re adjudicated on…

How quick we respond to a call. – (We average no more than 3 rings before we answer.)

How courteous is our response. – (You can hear our WOW Specialist agents smile.)

How accurate are we? – (We always repeat spellings and confirm messages.)

How knowledgeable are we of your account? – (All your information is scripted and updated right in front of us as we respond to your callers.)

Did we leave an overall good impression? – (We hope not – we want to leave a WOW! Impression.)


Winning this 12th consecutive ATSI Award of Excellence has other benefits beyond professional validation; it speaks to our dedication to customer service. It inspires and motivates us to set the bar even higher for the year to come.