A 24 hour a day virtual receptionist for the holidays – So you can really be on vacation!

Running your own business is a 24/7 affair. As a business owner you are constantly meeting with clients, handling issues in the office, poring over numbers, or managing the daily processes. Even when you aren’t technically at work you still are either thinking, researching, networking, or dreaming about your business.

As stressful as that may sound, it’s only natural when your livelihood and reputation are at stake. All of that work means that you really need to take advantage of holidays, especially during the times of year that are dedicated to being with family. With the holidays fast approaching, let’s see how having a 24/7 virtual receptionist can help you take a real vacation.

First, what are the potential drawbacks of taking a holiday?

We all know the advantages of taking time off – rest, relaxation, and fun – but what are some of the drawbacks of being on vacation when you run your own business? Unlike employees who get guaranteed paid vacation, when you are away from work it can potentially:

  • Cost you money – When you or your employees are away, you’re not serving clients or responding to potentials.
  • Cost you leads – Your business most likely depends on key clients and their referrals. Any good business does. When you aren’t in the office you’re not generating or following up on potential business.
  • Cause you stress – When there is so much riding on you and your business you can easily be stressed out when you are away. What if something goes wrong? What if you miss an important call? Are your clients upset? The list goes on and on.

How can a personal virtual receptionist help?

The real advantage of getting a personal virtual receptionist service to handle your calls – and more – while you are away is that your business won’t miss a beat. Everything will be taken care of while you are relaxing and enjoying some quality time at home with family. In essence, a virtual receptionist can:

  • Take all of your calls – You won’t have to redirect current customers to a voicemail. They’ll be greeted in a warm, professional and courteous manner. Your virtual receptionist service will help solve their issues, take a message, or give them a concrete time when they can call you back.
  • Handle potential customers – Acquiring new customers can be a bit of a challenge at times. You need to strike while the iron is hot. If they want to do business, they will probably take the first person that picks up the phone to greet them. If you aren’t there, then you’ve missed out. Your virtual receptionist will be there to handle new customers and help make you money.
  • Give you peace of mind – As we said before, being away can cause stress if there is nobody there to take care of things. Having a dedicated virtual receptionist service in control of everything while you are away will let you relax knowing that your business is in good hands.

With the holidays fast approaching, business owners are caught in a difficult bind. On the one hand they want to take time off and be with family, but on the other they want to make sure their business runs smoothly. Having a personal 24/7 virtual receptionist is a great way to help you really be on vacation during the holidays. The benefits of a personal virtual receptionist for the holidays is clear – all you need to do is contact us now to learn more.