4 tips to help you stay focused when working from home

Tips for staying focussed

Let’s be honest, has the pandemic been difficult for you to stay focused while working from home as much as it has for me? Since I started a new job during COVID-19, I find it a challenge to stay focused while juggling work, a boy-toddler and I share a cozy space with David – my husband, who also works from home. I’m becoming a master at juggling; I may consider auditioning for the Cirque du Soleil, should it return.
The state of our workspace affects our productivity. Working in an unorganized space can create negative feelings that makes it hard to focus.
Even with a small spaces, there are creative ways to keep your space tidy. An organized workspace can help you concentrate and focus on what is important.
If you need ideas on how to recreate your space, Pinterest has great ideas. Here are four tips on how to stay focused and be more successful in the process:

a messy workspace won't keep you focused

Tip #1. Clear your space, clear your head

Once I purged my office space of anything that did not help me stay focused on the tasks at hand, I felt empowered. One way I did this was to clear my drawers of anything that wasn’t important. I emptied my drawers, and shredded every paper that added zero value to my productivity. A good question I often ask myself is: should I keep it or toss it?

stay focused with colours and labels

Tip #2. If you’ve wanted to be an artist, here’s your chance

I never realized how much a untidy workspace could hold back my creativity. Once I got rid of everything I didn’t need, I chose a colour I wanted to highlight in my space to make it my own. I bought shelf storage, stationary, and folders in the same colour, too. When I use labels for folders and storage, it limits the chance of losing important documents.

stay focused with a clean computer Tip #3. A clean computer clears brain-fog

I keep my computer and my cellphone clean and clear of clutter so I can stay focused. I delete files, folders, pictures, texts, e-mails, apps and software I do not need or use on a quarterly basis. I am a colour coordinated freak, too: I have an electronic calendar that I keeps me organized in areas of home, volunteering and work.

stay focused with a wow-wall

Tip #4. WOW your wall

One of the things that helps me stay focused is having a wall of my favourite things; I call it my ‘wow-wall’. I have quotes, favourite photos in frames, a peaceful ocean scene, my goals for the year and dreams for the future. When work starts to pile up, I can feel frustrated and discouraged to keep working, so a wall that will inspire you could be helpful. If you need some inspiration, check out Pinterest and Home Designing.

Finding easy ways to tidy my workspace to stay focused has been essential to my well-being. Clearing my computer, and physical space of clutter keeps my mind clear. Choosing a colour to brighten up my space via folders and storage boxes helps make my cozy space a bit more fun. The use of ‘wow-wall’ helps to relax and inspire me, and it is my hope that these tips have inspired you to create a space that helps you stay focused too.

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