5 reasons why it is worth investing in first impressions

Like it or not, we as human beings are psychologically programed to come to conclusions about a person or their place of business almost immediately after meeting them for the first time. It harkens back to our primordial days when we had just a few seconds to determine whether or not a wild animal was a threat to us or just passing by. These days, first impressions are important when doing business, making friends, and just about any social interaction. Studies show that we come to a conclusion within seconds, and hold them dear to our hearts. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth it to invest in your clients’ and prospects‘ first impressions of you.

7 seconds

Believe it or not, this is the amount of time that you get when meeting someone for the first time, whether it’s on a personal or business level. When a customer walks into your business, talks to you on the phone, or talks to your call centre, they will form an opinion of you this quickly. In the blink of an eye, they will know if they want to give you their hard earned money. This means that you need to be razor sharp, and on your game.

You only get one chance

In the modern world, we are beginning to get awfully tired of clichés that get tossed around. That you only get one chance to make a first impression, on the other hand, is one with staying power. That might be because it is actually true. Our first impressions are what we relied on to survive. Now that the world has calmed down a bit, we still go with our guts to make basic decisions. Once our minds have been made up, we stick with it until proven wrong, and even then we sometimes don’t change! The first meeting is the most important one, so investing time and money into it is more than worthwhile.

Appearances matter

There has never been a scientific study that has shown that wearing a suit and tie to work increases your ability to perform your job; however, there have been plenty that have shown that doing this not only increases your customer’s opinion of you, but changes the way that people perceive you. We judge people based on what they wear. Imagine your doctor coming into the operating room wearing his favorite band’s t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap. Does it change the fact that he studied surgery for 7 years, and went through a painstaking residency at a major hospital? No. Does that mean that you want him to perform surgery on you while wearing that? No. What we wear affects how we feel and act, and how other people perceive and treat us. Investing in professional uniforms and company attire goes a long way.

Web users judge in the blink of an eye

The internet has allowed humanity to achieve wondrous things. Sadly, it has also given us very short attention spans. Some studies have shown that web users judge businesses in just a few seconds or less. Even quicker than the seven seconds that people usually have in reality. This means that you should invest in having a nice website, as this is going to be the portal through which a first impression takes place. If you have a tidy, appealing, professional site, then you will entice more customers.

It increases ROI

Studies across the board have shown that clients who are given good first impressions of a business are far more likely to remain loyal. Not only this, but they are more likely to spread the word around if they are impressed. If you go out of your way to help them and give the best experience possible, then people are going to be satisfied and let others know. Not only will this help you retain customers, and attract new ones, but it will also help build you a reputation in the industry, and save money on advertising.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. What people think of you, how they perceive and treat you, and ultimately whether or not they will do business with you oftentimes comes down to the few seconds in between going from stranger to acquaintance. These are the five reasons you should invest in your client’s first impression of you. Having a professional call centre can help give your company a big-business feel, and give clients a much better perception of you when they first call you.