How to Tell You Have the Right Call Center: Employee Satisfaction

Your employees are the engine that makes your business run. The way that they feel about the company and their position within it are directly tied to the level of service that they give to your customers. Call centre agents are on the front lines every day, and if you have dissatisfied customers calling in, it can make them feel as though they aren’t doing something right. Image24’s philosophy revolves around making our agents’ jobs as rewarding as possible, creating a high level of employee satisfaction and therefore a better on-the-job performance. Here is how we do it.

The Image24 Philosophy

We live by a mantra of making the lives of our agents easier so that they enjoy their jobs. We have the lowest turnover rates in the business, which in turn allows us to offer continual, high-quality services to our customers. Our agents receive competitive pay, great benefits, and a top-quality working environment. There is a reason why most never want to leave. What’s our secret?

We Drive Employee Engagement

According to research studies, employees that are engaged in the company are 40 times more likely to recommend their company’s services and 15.5 times more likely to spend their career there. Satisfied employees who feel as though they are part of a larger picture take more pride in their jobs, and provide better services to our valued customers. We take a three-fold approach to driving employee engagement:

  • We recognize their achievements – as part of our ongoing efforts to train and evaluate our employees, we always give them ample recognition for their achievements. We let them know that what they do for us every day is invaluable to our corporate strategy.
  • We show them why they are key – Image24 exists to provide the very best in call centre services to companies of all sizes. We are a large family-owned business that knows the value of great service. We continually remind our employees how important they are to the values that we live by. By providing call handling, message taking, and other essential virtual receptionist services, they are the key to our operation. We remind them of this daily.
  • We provide opportunity to grow – the best thing about working for our company is that there is plenty of room to grow. As a large business, we have a continual need for more management and higher-up roles. Many of them are filled by our agents. On top of this, we offer continual evaluation and professional training to help our team members build valuable skills for the marketplace.

Our call center services are top of the line due to the value that our agents bring. By being on the front lines and providing the very best to our clients, they continue to make us the best name in our industry. We foster this service in an environment conducive to employee satisfaction. We recognize achievements, show them why they matter, and offer opportunity to grow. Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we couldn’t be the best call center service provider without it.