E-Response: Show Your Customers That Their Business Really Matters

Running a business is a hectic and time-consuming endeavour, but the one thing you cannot ever put on the backburner is your customer.  Whether it’s day or night, open or closed, or where you’re located, customers will always be sending you their comments, questions, complaints, or requests.

It’s impossible for business owners to be always available.  And hiring an in-house team of people just to answer e-mails is an expense few can afford.

With our E-response services, Image-24 can make you reachable 24/7.

What is E-response?

E-response is a service that helps you stay on top of customer emails. As a business owner, you are not able to be on-call 24/7 – but we certainly can. Our dedicated employees are at their positions around the clock, to provide an instant response tailor-made for your business’ needs.

How does E-response benefit a business?

Aside from ensuring that business matters are handled in a timely fashion, E-response benefits a business by showing that you are dedicated to keeping customers satisfied. Taking a long time to respond to customer emails can inadvertently send the wrong message. Customers don’t care if you’re busy; they expect a response as soon as possible.

E-response will:

  • Show your commitment – nothing makes a customer happier than being appreciated. Long wait times, automated e-mail responses, or worse, no response at all will make customers feel as though you don’t care.
  • Help you never miss business opportunities – customers want their problems solved now. Not when you get back to your desk. With E-response, you will never miss opportunities for more business.
  • Let you concentrate on other things – answering emails is important, but not necessarily what you want to be focused on. E-response saves you time and lets you concentrate on what matters most.

The Image24 advantage

Image24 is Montreal’s leading call center service provider. We stand out from the rest in the industry because of the quality of employees we hire and develop. We don’t cut corners.

We constantly monitor, train, and evaluate our team.

If you’re having trouble finding the time to run your business and stay on top of customer queries and emails, our E-response service can help you show customers that you’re committed to their needs.