How to Create the Best Telephone Answering Script

When people go to film something, whether it is a film, commercial, or TV show, they always use a script. They do it because it works. The same goes for your telephone answering service. A script is needed to sound professional when answering calls, and since the voice answering the phone will be the first impression a customer gets, it needs to sound perfect. Using a blueprint will allow the employee to sound consistent every time they answer, and provide great service. But how do you do it? Let’s take a look at how to create the best telephone answering script.

First, decide how you want to greet your customers

When people call you, they are going to expect the business to sound professional. This means having polite, helpful-sounding team members. The greeting should be formal, but not too heavy; nice, but straight to the point. You should always have them greeted with a formal salutation such as good afternoon, and a confirmation that it is in fact your business. A personal connection is the next thing needed so have your team member give their name.

Next, figure out the reasons why people are calling

You need to figure out the typical reasons that people are calling your business. If you are a restaurant, then it is going to be about your hours of operation or if there is any open seating. If you are a hotel, it is going to be bookings and services. If you are company selling a product, then most people are going to be calling looking to purchase a product. Having your script match the nature of the call is important. Once you do this, you can decide on how your assistants will steer the call.

Create a blueprint for common questions

This will help all of your team members stay consistent, and get the callers on and off the phone as quickly as possible. If your employees are fumbling around for an answer, or have to say that they don’t know, then it is going to make the company look bad. If you are a tech company, have common support questions for troubleshooting issues already mapped out, or if you are a company selling a product, make sure you have common questions about price, options, and other specifications of the product clearly written out. That way all of your employees can fire away prompt, informative answers and make your business look great.

Sign off

All good things come to an end, sadly. So the phone call will have to stop at some point. You want the sign off to be professional and courteous. Always thank the customer for calling, and ask them if there is anything else that they need help with. From there, tell them to have a great day.

It may seem simple, but making sure a phone call experience is pleasant is one of the most important aspects for a business. Callers are going to want to be helped quickly and professionally. Now that you know how to create the best telephone answering script, you are ready to learn about all of the things that make having a professional call centre great.