Has the term “customer service” become another empty corporate cliché?

Is it rendered meaningless by overuse and hype?

Is “your business is important to us” before they cast you into “hold” purgatory what it’s come down to?


I worked in the service industry for most of my life, and I’m amazed at the sorry state of customer service.

If you’re not cultivating customer loyalty, what are you doing in business?


Working with clients can be a challenge for any business.

“…you can’t live with ’em; you can’t live without ’em.” (yuk, yuk)

Now imagine your business IS customer service.

i24 manages call centre solutions for hundreds of companies and we’ve been doing so for over 40 years.

There is no secret to our longevity.

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Each client has individual requirements calling for personalized service.

Our agents work with customized scripts which guide the interaction between us and the caller.

The scripts provide the information.

Our agents provide empathy, patience, and personality.


i24 just got back from the CAM-X Conference in Québec city. We didn’t return empty-handed. 

For the 20th year in a row, we took home the prestigious AOE – Award of Excellence


Company president, Gary Blair spoke for us all in his address to the company.

“It is with immense pride that I congratulate everyone on our 20th win in the CAM-X Award of Excellence program! 

That represents two decades of winning.

(20 years, 240 months, 7,300 days, or 175,200 hours of excellence.)

How many calls is that you ask?

If we average the number of calls we handle per day at 2,500, then we’re estimating close to a half billion calls.

That’s a staggering 500,000,000.00 just 20 years! 

Agents, dispatchers, supervisors, programmers, operations managers, accounting, customer service reps, sales, marketing and IT support

…all contributed over the last 20 years to our success.

That represents hundreds of people who share our single goal of providing the best service possible.

One that speaks to our core value of EXCELLENCE.

What a team. What an accomplishment!”



Holvie Wins award at CAM-X Québec


To top it all, our agent supervisor, Holvie Senosier took home the “Barbara Bradbury Pay it Forward Mentoring Award

 The award recognizes call centre workers who show a long-standing commitment to mentoring others.

“Each year coworkers submit nominations which include an extensive application process and testimonials.

The CAM-X selection panel reviews and then chooses the recipient.  

The name of the award-winner remains a secret until the ceremony.


This year, Barbara Bradbury called out our own Holvie Senosier to come to the stage and accept her award. 

Because the conference took place close to our Montreal office, Holvie was able to be present.


Holvie’s coworkers cheered her on as the whole room spontaneously stood  to give her an ovation.

The award is open to anyone in an organization regardless of position.

So it was especially awesome that our own Holvie was the first supervisor to win.


Congratulations Holvie!”


What are your biggest challenges in reaching your customer service goals?