We’ve Been Awarded the ATSI Award of Excellence: 8 Consecutive Years of Quality Service

Here at Image24, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality call center service in the industry. For the past 7 years, ATSI has recognized this level of service and dedication by presenting us with the prestigious ATSI Award of Excellence, and we are proud to announce that we were yet again chosen to receive the award, for the 8th consecutive year, this past June at their annual conference held in San Diego.

Who is ATSI?

Founded in 1942 the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) is the call center industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications services across North America and the UK. It awards industry leaders who demonstrate the highest level of service.

What does the award mean?

Each year, a panel of independent judges conducts a competition over the span of 6 months to determine which companies are at the top of the industry. They evaluate live call services based on strict scoring criteria, and centers that score at least 80% in all areas are rewarded. The criteria include:

• Response time
• Friendliness of staff
• Accuracy
• Knowledge
• Overall impression

According to ATSI president Jeffery W. Zindel, “The ATSI Award of Excellence is the most prestigious recognition of exemplary customer service in our industry.” This makes all of us at Image24 extremely proud. Our entire family-owned operation puts in a great deal effort every year to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. To have the association for our industry recognize us with this award yet again is a great honour indeed, and this only motivates us more to lead the competition again next year.

With our 8th year we have earned the ATSI’s Ruby Award, and would like congratulate everyone within the operation for achieving this recognition. We are a call center that believes in personalized service, fast response times, and friendly professionalism. Not only do our core values state this, but each one of our team members also follows this philosophy. That is why ATSI continues to reward us each and every year.

If you want to see the kind of customer service that repeatedly earns the ATSI’s Award of Excellence, contact Image24 today.