Point Your Customers in the Right Direction with Our Dealer Locator Services

Have you reached a point in your business where you feel you’re ready to expand to more locations? The more locations you have, the more your potential clients will need to find the one nearest to where they are.

Image24 understands the difficulties of managing multiple locations so we’ve developed ‘dealer locator services’.

What are dealer locator services?

Dealer locator services help refer your customers to the right local store or branch based on their location.

Many people are still not internet savvy. Even if they are on a mobile device, it could still be difficult for them to find you. Our dealer locator services help customers who want to present a problem in person at one of your locations. Once the customer makes it clear they want to visit your location in person, we steer them to the most convenient one.

What are the advantages of dealer locator services?

Whether it’s being frustrated with a problem, needing to buy a new product, or calling for information, nothing beats having your needs addressed face to face when possible. Giving your client the ability to find your nearest business location quickly and effortlessly is just good business.

Some of our dealer locator services benefits are:

● Higher customer satisfaction
● Retaining current clients
● Quick search response time

The Image24 advantage

Dealer locator services are just one of the many great services that we offer.
In conjunction with our other great call center services, they help you achieve maximum customer satisfaction effectively and efficiently.

You already have plenty to keep you busy. With our highly-trained customer service representatives, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on local business.
Image24 is Montreal’s premier call centre, and we are dedicated to helping businesses in the local community and across the country offer better service to their customers. Our dealer locator services will help ensure your customers find your business, wherever they are. Contact us today to learn more.