Tips for leaving effective messages to get a call back

In today’s world, we are able to communicate at lightning-fast speeds at any time of the day. Smartphones ensure that we are available around the clock. Still, that doesn’t mean that all of the old fashioned techniques are obsolete. Leaving voicemails is still a great idea, and highly recommended in business. It makes you look confident and professional, and also allows you to convey your message to your potential clients or partners without them having to be on the phone with you immediately.

You’d be surprised at how many people can’t do it right, though. So here are some tips for leaving effective messages to ensure you get a call back.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Planning your voicemail is essential. You don’t want to be caught at a loss for words, and stumble through your sentences. It simply doesn’t give a great impression. Plan what you want to say, and how you want to say it. If there are times and places involved, make sure you have them written down or memorized before getting on the phone. Anything you can do to sound more professional will help a great deal.


It might sound silly, but practice what you are going to say. When you trip over words, or pause for long periods of time, it doesn’t sound good. If you leave a natural and concise message it makes you sound like you’ve done this before, and can really impress potential clients, partners, or employers.
Don’t fear short pauses

Long pauses are not good. Short pauses on the other hand are not so bad. In fact, they are far superior to saying “uh” or “um.” These two short sounds are the go-to sounds when we don’t know what to say. It looks unprofessional, and childish if you do it too much. A short pause to gather your words is much better than saying either of those two filler sounds too many times.

Speak slowly and clearly

Don’t rush – it makes you sound nervous. Articulate your words, and go slowly. This is your only chance to speak to them right now, and you don’t want there to be any confusion. Plus, when you rush through words it just sounds strange.

Sign out

Make it a habit to give contact details at the end. Include the name of your business, the phone number, and the address. It sounds good, and it feels professional. It’s always a good idea to give something specific, especially if you are talking to someone in the local area. It really shows that you care about your business, and the call.

Leaving a voice mail may seem like it is outdated, but it isn’t – especially not in the business world. A text message or an email just isn’t going to cut it. Speak to them directly, or leave a message if you can’t. Plan it out, rehearse it, don’t sound like you can’t find your words, and always leave your contact details. These tips will help ensure that your voicemails get calls back for your business. We can tell you that a professional answering service loves it when people speak like this – it makes everything a whole lot easier.