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I love inspirational quotes.  I see reflected in the wise words of great minds validation of who I am and motivation to be who I want to become.

For many years now, I have shared some of my favourite quotes and trivia in my newsletter – Gary’s Monthly Gems. Enjoy.

October Quotes and Trivia - Gary's Monthly Gems

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Welcome, October!  

What do Bill Gates, Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Peace Prize fame), Mahatma Gandhi and Christopher Columbus all have in common besides being men of great accomplishments?  

They were all born in October.

October also marks Columbus Day in the U.S. The holiday commemorates his discovery of the Americas on October 21st, 1492. It is also believed that he was born sometime before October 31st, 1451.

October happens to be a month of many milestone discoveries but one, in particular, is crazy important to anyone working in the Call Centre industry.  

October marks the first telephone conversation (between Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson) through outdoor telegraph lines linking Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.

That call was effectively the nail in the coffin of telegraph service and the beginning of telephone service as we would know it ever since.

Since October seems to be a popular month for discoveries, who knows what October 2018 will bring?  

Until we find out,  here are a few October GEMS for you to discover!


And the thought I’d like to leave you with this month is:

As a young man, I never understood George Bernard Shaw’s quote...

“Youth is wasted on the young”.

What could that mean? How can you waste your age? I could understand the concept of “wasting your life”, but your ‘youth’?

Then one day while complaining about lost opportunities, it hit me.

Youth was a gift – with an expiry date.  It wasn’t just a random hour on our timeline, it was a state of being – a safe place to explore, to question, and to rebel.

It was a moment that once gone, could only be revived as a ghost.

Like so many of the young, I was naïve.  I thought I could plan my future in every detail from A to B. But life was to show me who was the boss.

This leads us to another quote from writer, Allen Saunders. (published it in a1957 Reader’s Digest.)

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Now, neither young nor innocent, I finally understand.

The gift of age is wisdom. (At least that only expires when we do.)

I recently stumbled upon the following quote summarizes what I have learned so far.