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Summer is here – the Time is Right to Chill with Gary’s Gems

Ah, summer! The word conjures up images of sunny beaches, refreshing dips in the pool, and lazy afternoons spent lounging under the shade of a tree with a good book in hand. It’s a season synonymous with relaxation, adventure, and carefree vibes. Who can forget how much we looked forward to summers in school—a time to escape the mundane routines and bask in the warmth of longer days?

But, believe it or not, some people have different enthusiasm for summer. It’s a paradox that challenges the notion of summer as the epitome of happiness and carefreeness. But for some –like me, summer meant a switch from studying to working. And that suited me just fine.

I didn’t have the time to deal with “summer anxiety” – that feeling that we had to have hot fun in the summertime. Because I always had a summer job, I had no idea that there were people who were anxious about the coming of summer. Whether it’s the “forced fun” or the fact that they can’t hide under layers of clothing, Summer anxiety is actually a thing.

Gary Gems – Summer 2023 edition

“Increased temperatures cause higher cortisol levels, palpitations, nausea, and fatigue. These symptoms can feel like panic attacks, making us more anxious when we notice them. Humidity can also cause symptoms of dizziness and dehydration.” 

And, of course, some people suffer from debilitating allergies. But not me.

Summers meant summer jobs for me all throughout my school years. And I looked forward to them. It was my summer routine. And since I didn’t work around the clock, I had time to enjoy those summer nights and days.  I escaped the heat and reality by going to the cinema and losing myself in those summer blockbusters like Star Wars and ET, Just as you probably did. I hung out with friends, listened to the Top 40 and took trips to “Mint Julep.”  I took many trips to the “Julep” – as you can see.

Those songs, along with the greasy fries and shakes, bring back the sounds and smells of summer in Montreal – songs played in my head long after the radios were turned off.

TherGary’s May Gems - Finding the Key to Our Secret Gardene were many benefits to having a summer job besides money. The experience and confidence that came from learning new skills and the discipline of routine formed the foundation of my work ethic.

As I got older and the pace of summers blended into the other seasons, I slowed down the treadmill just enough to jump off on Fridays and enjoy lounging in our “secret garden.” on weekends. The place may be different, the body older, but the songs remain the same.

Here are some summer gems to polish as you sit in the sun.

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