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GARY’S JULY GEMS - The Summer Holiday Issue

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GARY’S JULY GEMS – The Summer Holiday Issue

The Gems is going on a summer holiday

Summertime is here and the time is right to think about vacation. Should I spend summer in the city or enjoy some summer nights in Margaritaville?  Summers in Montreal can have us dancing in the street and listening to le jazz hot at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

After an interminable winter (aren’t all winters interminable?) here comes the sun at last. I live for Saturdays in the park and walks under a gentle summer rain. In the summertime, we can break out and embrace the summer wind, walk on the beach and wonder what’s beyond the sea.

Wish you all hot fun in the summertime.,

See you in September.


(BTW I included a summer music playlist in the above paragraph. How many did you catch?

Which songs would you add?)

Here are some gems to take with you on your summer vacation.

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