Improve Your Business with Human Resource Reporting

There is nothing that employees dislike more than aggressive micromanaging; in fact, it is often stated as the top reason that employees want to leave their jobs. It comes down to trust.

As a business owner, you are required to do your due diligence and make sure that your employees are doing correctly doing their jobs. Can you do that while and not be overbearing?

One way to do that is to take advantage of human resource reporting from Image24. Our human resource reporting services help companies get the most from their off-site workforce.

What is human resource reporting?

If you are a company that has off-site work teams, then you know there are many unknowns relating to your satellite workers: whereabouts, work activities, and “punch in” time. Solutions to this would include making site visits or staying in constant contact digitally.

But what owner has the time to balance all of the responsibilities that come with running a small business including being a micro-manager?

Human resource reporting is a call center service that lets you know if your employees have arrived on the job.

It works simply:

  • Image24 maintains an employee check-in system
  • When they arrive on the job, they call our automated system
  • They enter a previously-given access code
  • We let you know the details
  • In the event that they don’t report, you will be notified by email, SMS or phone call

How does human resource reporting benefit you and your company?

The most difficult challenge in running a company is finding the time to get everything done. Using our service will:

  • Giv you peace of mind about your employees whereabouts
  • Keep a watchful eye on employees, ensuring they arrive on time
  • Improve customer satisfaction and employee performance
  • Give you more time to take care of more important things

Aside from the immediate benefits that you see here, the added value is that you won’t be the one that employees report to directly.

You don’t need to leave the office to go to the job site, and employees won’t have to tell you when they are working.

Running your business successfully is a delicate balancing act. As such, you can’t afford to give more time to supervising off-site employees.

Image24’s human resource reporting services allows you to keep an eye on your employees while focusing on all the other aspects of your business.