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November Quotes and Gems for November

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November Quotes and Trivia – Gary’s Monthly Gems

Babies born in mid-November are often the product of those conceived on Valentine’s Day!  So I guess it’s fair to refer to these Scorpions as the “love children.’

The first Thursday of November is National Men Make Dinner Day, a particularly handy practice when your wife is about to give birth to a new Scorpio!

Speaking of Scorpions (the animal, not the Zodiac sign), did you know they can eat a massive amount of food in one meal?  They have large food storage organs that along with low metabolism and an inactive lifestyle mean they can survive 6-12 months without eating again.

If we could do that, one “Men Make Dinner Day” would be all we need to get us through the year. Our grocery bills would be slashed as would our gym membership cards.

Here are a few November GEMS to stimulate your appetites, Scorpion or otherwise!

And the thought I’d like to leave you with this month is:

I learned over time that happiness can be easier had by keeping a healthy balance and perspective on life.

Overthinking and obsessing about happiness is precisely what makes us unhappy.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. If all your focus is on getting ‘there’ you will miss all the lessons that will inevitably lead you to complete your journey.

There are turns not taken and detours that must be.

There are right turns and wrong turns – all of which define not only where our destination is, but what it is.

So, the quote I like to feature this month is:

“You can’t see it now, but the thing you didn’t get will someday be the best thing you never had.  Let it go. Better is coming.” – Mandy Hale