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6 11, 2017

If Your Content Don’t Count, Don’t Count on Your Content Marketing


Content Marketing - What is it? Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: “Content marketing is the creation, publication and distribution of relevant, helpful articles, videos, images etc. to attract, engage and acquire a defined target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Simply put, it’s using distributed [...]

If Your Content Don’t Count, Don’t Count on Your Content Marketing2023-05-10T08:52:12-04:00
30 08, 2016

Do You Have a Content Attention Deficit


Are people not hearing you through the cacophony of online marketing? We see it all the time. Everyone is shouting, but no one gets heard. Have you seen a political press conference recently? Journalists shout questions in unison until the speaker points to one and often by name. Another example is when readers have had [...]

Do You Have a Content Attention Deficit2023-06-07T16:09:38-04:00
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