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1 08, 2019

Gary’s Quotes and Trivia Gems for August


In this third instalment of my 50th Anniversary trilogy, I reflect on the epic 1969 culture and music festival, Woodstock. Following a turbulent 1968 that saw riots across North America and Europe, there seemed to be a visceral desire to fulfil the dreams that sprung from the Summer of Love two years earlier. Woodstock [...]

Gary’s Quotes and Trivia Gems for August2022-04-20T09:34:03-04:00
1 05, 2017

What First Impression do you Make On the Phone?


What first impression do you make over the phone? People are quick to judge. We don’t even think about it. It’s part of our DNA that goes back to a time when our survival depended on our reflex to “fight or flight”. While our lives are rarely at risk anymore, our time and sanity [...]

What First Impression do you Make On the Phone?2023-08-16T17:20:16-04:00
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