What missed calls can cost you

When it comes to using a call answering service,

 “People don’t know what they don’t know.”

This quote is heard a lot around our meeting table as we discuss the challenges of helping our call management clients understand the importance of not missing calls.

You’d think this lesson would be self-evident, but humans have a long history of out of sight (or in our case, out of earshot) – out of mind.

Do you know how many calls come to you place after hours?

If you think you have it covered with voicemail, you might want to think about this…

Around 80% of people who reach voicemail don’t leave a message (clutch.com)

Can you afford to hire a call management service?

Considering the potential lost sales in missing calls, can you afford not to.

Just 2 missed calls a week can cost you 104 lost sales a year.

Vacation Hawaii vs Backyard

That could mean a difference of a vacation in Hawaii or in your backyard.

Ready for some tanning lotion and Mai Tai’s?

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